• Massage

    Relieve tension and unwind with our expert massages.

Massage Treatments

The ancient art of massage reduces stress, pain and muscle tension to leave you feeling revitalised.

Our therapists are highly qualified experts and have devised a collection of massages to relieve tension, soothe knotted muscles and help you to unwind.


Signature Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Ease away your stress and relax!

Massage oils are selected to suit your mood and requirements. The treatment tackles muscular stress in the back, neck and shoulders.

25 mins.
49 (Fri - Sun £55)

Signature Full Body Massage

Tackle muscular stress with our Signature Full Body Massage!

Massage oils are selected to suit your mood and requirements; tackling muscular stress whilst the aromas enhance the experience of your full body massage.

55 mins.
65 (Fri - Sun £70)

Poultice Powered Muscle Massages

The unique Amber poultice dissolves tensions and elasticises the skin. 

75 mins.
70 (Fri - Sun £75)

Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage (30, 60 or 90 mins)

A profoundly reinvigorating hot stone massage and skin conditioning treatment. 

  • 30 minutes - £55 
  • 60 minutes - £75
  • 90 minutes - £95


Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage (30, 60 or 90 mins)

A vigorous but grounding massage, tailored entirely to your needs, to release stress and muscle pain.

  • 30 minutes - £50 (Friday - Sunday £55)
  • 60 minutes - £70 (Friday - Sunday £75)
  • 90 minutes - £90 (Friday - Sunday £95)


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