• Thermal Rooms

    A sequence of stimulating dry and wet rooms and spaces that take the spa experience to another level.

Thermal Rooms

Our team of spa designers have created a sequence of stimulating dry and wet rooms and spaces that take theSpa experience to another level.

Please Note: Thermal Rooms are for guests over the age of 16.

Aroma Room


The perfect place to start your thermal journey.

Breathe in the relaxing aromas and start to unwind in this gently heated room, without steam, designed to prepare your body for your thermal experience.





Steam Room


Infused with essences to calm and clean, you will feel stress vanishing and muscles relaxing.

As well as experiencing both physical and mental relaxation, the process will open the pores of your skin leaving it soft, supple and healthy.






Our Hammam, with its Turkish origins, is where ancient tradition meets 21st Century technology.

Combining a low mist and a high-intensity steam chamber stimulates your senses and imagination.







Our glass-fronted sauna will work to increase circulation and raise your body's temperature.

The dry heat of the sauna will relieve aches and strains and actually provide some of the benefits of exercise without moving a muscle.








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