Our Pool, an experience not to be missed!

The base level of the club and spa is dominated by our 18m pool area. It is on this floor where you enter a world where water, heat, air and touch come together to create a deep sense of rest, relaxation, and inner harmony.

A combination of stylish tiled floors and walls, underwater lighting that makes the water dance and music from the very depths of the pool itself, and you have an experience not to be missed. We say just surrender!

As well as relaxing in the water, you can also use the pool to improve your endurance and stamina, lose a few unwanted pounds or work on your swim stroke technique. In fact becoming a member of our club would ensure you maximize the benefits of our pool!

Bubble Pool

Beyond the dry relax area is the hydrotherapy pool. Just let the jets of water gently massage your body and when you're ready, slip through the archway to the outside…

Outdoor Thermal Pool

Out into the exhilarating fresh air, where the steam rises out of the water, is our thermal pool, with its warm mineral water and entrancing waterfall. Cocooned in this extraordinary pool, you'll feel miles from anywhere. Place your body under the torrent and enjoy a waterfall back and shoulder massage. A sheer delight. Your visit to the spa may be just that little bit longer now…


the club and spa.
Warrington Rd

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