Your journey really doesn't stop at your treatments and what you'll find at the spa is post-relaxation as never experienced before.

Every good spa should have a 'wow factor' moment and we're pleased to have a whole area encompassing our stunning swimming pool, sunken lounge, waterfall, waveroom and outdoor thermal pool.

But possibly the pinnacle of pampering is our meditation room.

Step inside and stretch out on one of our contour-shaping loungers and experience total sensory pleasure or enter, as it has been described, into 'a dream made of water, light and music'. beautiful images fill the room over head. Mood lighting and soothing sounds add to the sensation that will send you into a deep state of relaxation. Feel your eyelids slowly start to close…

In addition to this oasis, we have other dry and wet areas for relaxing or reviving, with contoured airbeds, reading lamps, stands for your drinks and above all, the opportunity to escape into your own world.

Then, and only when you're good and ready, suitably rehydrated and awake, you can 'float' to the executive changing rooms…

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